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CheShift-2 is a web server designed for protein structure validation. CheShift-2 predicts the 13Cα chemical shifts from the atomic coordinates of a protein (pdb file). Alternative CheShift-2 is capable of a per-residue validation, the user must provide the atomic coordinates (pdf file) and the observed 13Cα chemical shifts.

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Currently, there are four PyMOL plugins available:

Azahar extends the PyMOL's capabilities to visualize, analyze and model glycans and glycoconjugated molecules.

Optimize allows energy minimization of molecules.

Cheshift provides a way to use the familiar enviroment of PyMOL to validate a protein model, using CheShift-2 server.

Dehydron calculates dehydrons and display them onto the protein structure.

CheSweet: a Python module for accurate and fast computation of 13C chemical shifts of glycans.

13Check_RNA A tool to evaluate 13C chemical shifts assignments of RNA.

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